ARCA can carry out geoarchaeological borehole surveys or ground penetrating radar survey and incorporate the data into a deposit model in order to inform project design and archaeological mitigation strategies.


At the planning stage of a project:

Our staff can arrange a site visit to view strata in excavation trenches and test pits to provide expert advice on site formation processes and sampling strategies. Alongside test pits and evaluation trenches, boreholes can be drilled to provide contextual information.

Laboratory assessment of samples can be used to assess the archaeological and palaeoenvironmental potential of sediments and provide recommendations for further work at the analytical stage.



During archaeological assessment/evaluation:

Detailed laboratory analysis of sediment samples (core samples, column samples and bulk samples from archaeological contexts) can provide high-quality data relating to site formation processes and/or past environmental conditions and human activity. In addition ARCA offers
a range of data analysis services allowing the integration of complex archaeological and geoarchaeological datasets.

Our fully-illustrated analysis reports can be tailored to your individual requirements in order to facilitate integration into a publication.

Analysis and post-excavation:

The geoarchaeological services offered by ARCA provide flexible
and cost-effective solutions for a range of archaeological mitigation
and heritage management projects.



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