Geoarchaeology is the application of earth science principles

and techniques to the understanding of the archaeological record.
As such, it involves the application of specialist knowledge and
a wide range of techniques.

Geoarchaeological approaches can be helpful in many stages
of an archaeological project, but can be particularly useful for:

• Finding and identifying archaeological sites and features.
• Understanding how sites form (“site formation processes”).
• Understanding the preservation of archaeological remains.
• Identifying changes in the physical landscape and environment
through time.

At our base in the Department of Archaeology, we have dedicated laboratory facilities and a full range of specialist drilling, survey and analytical equipment.

English Heritage have produced a useful guide to geoarchaeology, including explanation of the key methods and applications of the approach. Read it here

• Detailed analysis of evidence for past environmental change
and human activity.

What is geoarchaeology?


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