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Sedimentological analysis

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Bioarchaeological analysis

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Data analysis

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Geoarchaeological boreholes differ from those drilled for geotechnical purposes in that they are intended to address archaeological problems, their stratigraphy is recorded in much greater detail and sampling is undertaken both with higher precision and at a greater resolution. Our equipment has the advantage of being quick to use, cost-effective, and able to sample sediments with minimal sample loss and compression compared with other drilling methods such as cable percussion typically used by geotechnical contractors.

Over the years, ARCA has been required to sample arrange of sediments, including very coarse
gravels and thick deposits of Made Ground. In situations where such equipment is required, ARCA can call upon the services of one of our network of geotechnical partners to use a range of geotechnical  drilling rigs operated under the supervision of an ARCA geoarchaeologist.

Following sampling, sediments can either be described in the field and the data



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