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Welcome to ARCA

ARCA is the consultancy arm of the Department of Archaeology at the University of Winchester. It was launched in March 2005 and since that date has undertaken projects for numerous different organisations. ARCA is a specialist archaeological contractor providing services in:

Montage of ARCA at workGeoarchaeology
Desk-based research and stratigraphic modelling exercises, borehole surveys, site sampling and laboratory-based analytical studies.

Geophysical surveys
Magnetometry, resistivity and magnetic susceptibility surveys.

GPS and total-station survey, GIS, database design and management.

Standing-building recording
PPS5 related studies, documentary studies, structural and architectural surveys.

Human Osteoarchaeology
Assessments; analysis and reporting.

Desk-based research
Assessments; reports; historic research; publication editing, copy-editing and proof reading, translation services.

ARCA undertakes projects in all areas of the UK, in Ireland, continental Europe, the Middle East and eastern Africa. Being a University-based organisation, ARCA has access to state of the art field and laboratory equipment and computer facilities. ARCA's University base also guarantees its clients academic rigour at all phases of investigation. Follow the links to find out more about ARCA services and use the contacts on each page to discuss your individual requirements.

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